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Hello! BoxBattle is an exciting and adrenaline-charged idle game. The more risks you take while playing the game, the more rewards you get. In each level, you have to be careful to collect all the jewels and memorize their locations. However, be careful because there may be a demon hiding under some blocks that will harm you. If you find three demons, the game will unfortunately end.During the game, don't forget the strawberries! When you find a strawberry, you can restore your health. That's why it's important to pay special attention to strawberries.BoxBattle offers a challenging gaming experience with every level. At the end of each level, you become even stronger with the rewards you earn. As the game progresses, the obstacles will become more difficult and challenge you. However, by overcoming challenges, you can earn more rewards.Register now to start playing this exciting game! BoxBattle offers you the opportunity to run from adventure to adventure. By making this article SEO friendly, you can learn more about the game and take the right steps to play the game. Enjoy the game!

How to Play?

*Touch* or *click* the letters and the numbers to select a box

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