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Tower Fall

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Tower Fall: The Ultimate Skill Board Game for Your ComputerTower Fall is an exciting skill-based board game that you can play on your computer! With Tower Fall, you must move blocks to the top of the tower. While ensuring that it does not fall. Compete for accuracy against other players or against the artificial intelligence!The game has clear and simple rules. To build the tower, you need to lay out three bars in a row, followed by three perpendicular bars. The tower has 16 floors in total, and players must demonstrate dexterity and accuracy of movement. A solid understanding of physics and the ability to calculate balance are also essential skills for success.Don't rush! For example the key to winning at Tower Fall is accuracy. So that take your time and plan your moves carefully.Tower Fall offers three exciting modes: single player, two players. And against the computer. In single player mode. As a result the goal is to score as many points as possible by moving blocks to the top of the tower. The lower the block is, the more points you'll get!Additionally, the game features various locations, block types. And pleasant music to choose from, adding to the overall gaming experience.

How to Play?

*LMB* = grab the block *RMB* = camera rotation *Mouse wheel* = camera zoom

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