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Virus Bird

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Help flapping bird flying in the sky safely and avoid terrible viruses. How far can you fly?Flapping Bird is a popular mobile game and is played by many. The object of the game is to control the bird and fly as far as possible while avoiding obstacles. However, one of the most important things to watch out for in the game is to avoid dangerous viruses. Therefore, it is very important to take precautions to prevent viruses while flying.Here are some tips from Flapping Bird to help you fly safely:Start slow: When the game starts, start slowly and fly the bird slowly. This will help you fly in a controlled manner and better observe your surroundings.Avoid obstacles: Timing is important to avoid your bird from obstacles. Watch carefully when each obstacle appears and how high it is, and raise or lower your bird at the right time.

How to Play?

*mouse* = fly

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